COVID-19 - Production Guidelines

Things are different now…

Exactly one year ago to the day we were filming in the beautiful Florence. Never could we have imagined that just one year later the World would have changed in so many ways.

Travel + Work: Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Video Production during COVID-19.

Many industries face enormous difficulties with returning to work amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’re planning for this temporary new world whilst adhering at all times to public health advice. 

Thankfully, as a small team with the full gambit of production in-house; we are well positioned to return to creating videos. We’ve been working on pre-production and post-production remotely since the lockdown and as of Monday 18th May our director/camera operators are now filming again on documentary/ENG style programming.

In addition to this our studio space is set to offer an ideal location for our clients to begin creating content again. With regular cleaning before and after every shoot our studio can offer a low-risk environment for product shoots, interviews or online training content. We have the capability to live-stream from set so clients and collaborators can partake.

Video Production Studio
Our studio space offers an ideal location for filming at a safe social distance.

A new way of working…

Firstly, we will be implementing a new set of safety protocols and procedures to minimise risks to our team, cast, contributors and crews. We are aligning ourselves with the criteria set out by Commercial Producers Ireland and state broadcasters.

Below is an overview of the measures we are taking at each stage of production. As public health advice and the response to the virus changes we shall update our protocols to reflect that.


  1. All client/pre-production meetings as well as casting will be done remotely via video conferencing. 
  2. Thorough risk assessment and safety measures will be taken in advance of all shoots.
  3. All documentation will be circulated digitally.
  4. Producer appointed as dedicated “Covid-Lead” and all questions related to practice and procedures are handled by our producer ahead of production.

Video Production
Video Production as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future.


  1. All cast, contributors & crew to confirm their health and well being 24 hours ahead of the shoot. 
  2. We will try to reduce crew numbers on-set with only essential cast & crew.
  3. Production and locations team to identify “social distancing” friendly green rooms for cast and crew to wait while on set. 
  4. Cleaning of locations/studio – Cleaning and sanitation to commence before crew and after crew arrive.
  5. Staggered arrival and setup times for departments (client, production design, sound, picture etc)  to facilitate social distancing during setup on set. 
  6. We will provide cast & crew with sanitation and PPE equipment including masks, gloves and face shields where required.
  7. A personnel log and time and attendance log to be kept by the producer. 
  8. All equipment to be sterilised and wiped clean ahead of production.
  9. All props, furniture and featured items to be sterilised and cleaned ahead of production. 
  10. All crew must wear gloves on set. 
  11. Only pre-packed meals to be provided to avoid contamination.
  12. Cast & crew to use their own transportation where possible.
  13. Facilitation of private live streaming feeds from set for clients & those who can’t attend. Via Zoom + Camera feed (subject to location and network capability or simply by FaceTime where network is an issue).
  14. Social distancing measures between cast & crew will be implemented at all times and further facilitated by the 1st AD or production coordinator.


  1. All post-production to take place at home where practical. 
  2. All equipment related to download is wiped-clean prior to packing. Drives and ingest equipment then wiped clean again when received at our edit suite. 
  3. All feedback and client revisions to take place remotely using video review applications and video conferencing. 
  4. Audio mixes and grades to all take place off-site remotely and feedback done online.

Remote video editing practices will be the new-norm.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have in relation to video production during this strange new circumstance we find ourselves in.


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