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Meet the team.

We Craft Great Video

Moose is a video production agency built to bring brands closer to their audiences with video content that is engaging, eye-catching and effective. With the entire process under the same roof, Moose makes good video production easy. Our hard-working team have the experience and skills to create content that is creative, high quality and, above all, delivers results.

Video continues to dominate on-line content and at Moose we’re committed to continually producing innovative work, from corporate videos to brand stories and from film to digital. We meet, listen to your objectives, design a strategy and then craft your video. Most importantly, we make the process enjoyable.

Josef Hrehorow


Eamonn McManus


Jannick Pommerenck




First, we say “hello” and then you say “hello” back. It’s nice that way. Then we start the planning; we identify the goals and objectives for your project and devise a strategy to ensure the right message gets to the right audience at the right time.



This is when the fun begins and it all starts with a creative and effective idea. We research and develop ideas and concepts that align with your project’s goal.



Great ideas deserve great execution. We use the right tools and people to deliver high production values. We make sure the process is fun, enjoyable for all involved.